Employee feedback – how to get it right?

Feedback in enterprises is very important. Thanks to it, you can find out how employees’ attitudes are assessed, as well as their skills. Feedback allows you to inform the employee which tasks are performed well and which require development. This translates into building commitment among employees, because thanks to information they get their own Balance, which clearly presents both strengths and weaknesses!

Correctly provided feedback can strengthen positive behaviors and attitudes, and eliminate negative ones. In order to provide proper feedback, remember that the statement should be constructive. It is important that it is about facts and specific behavior, not a person. Feedback should be specific, not general. The employee should receive such feedback, preferably immediately after the event, or as quickly as possible – thanks to this, it is provided on an ongoing basis and allows for quick response in crisis situations.

When providing feedback, we can make mistakes, which include, among others talking all the time and not allowing the other person to speak. Each side should be given space to reflect on the other person’s statements and be able to speak. It is worth remembering not to criticize the other person, but only behavior that does not suit us. We should also avoid giving too much, as it may not bring tangible results and, what is worse, may be perceived as “teaching”.

Feedback should be positive, even if it is drawing attention to mistakes. Each employee should feel comfortable, and after the information provided, they should develop their competences and skills, and eliminate mistakes.

The sheer volume of daily duties may result in the loss of important facts or events related to employees. It is worth taking care of the correct preservation of this information, because it helps to make objective assessments of employees’ competences and skills, and also allows for constructive feedback when there is no time or space for it on a daily basis. It may be useful to write down employee-related events, keeping the date and description of the situation.

The SkillBox Competency Matrix system helps to make objective assessments of employees and supports giving feedback through the possibility of keeping important information related to the employee thanks to the “Events” module in the Periodic Assessment System.

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