Development and maintenance, i.e. talent management and career paths

The employee life cycle is divided into 6 stages: recruitment, on-boarding, development, maintenance, succession and recruitment. At the beginning of the cycle, support is provided to the employee during the implementation and adaptation to a new workplace, and at the end, the company is secured against the loss of key competences and a decision is made to recruit for the vacant position. How to maintain and develop an employee so that decisions are made based on reliable data and in accordance with the company’s business needs?

Employee development is a process during which the employee is assigned development plans, as well as individual career paths, thanks to which the employee will increase his competences in accordance with his own aspirations and meet the business needs of the company. When developing human capital, it is worth remembering that the designated paths are achievable, i.e. possible to be implemented, and clearly defined, where the employee receives clear instructions on how to implement the plan.

Developing employees brings benefits in the form of increasing the efficiency of the organization’s work, and also causes satisfaction with the work performed. From the point of view of the enterprise, it is rich in trained, competent and qualified employees who build a competitive advantage.

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You can also use the Skills Matrix template, thanks to which you will systematize the competences of your employees!

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