Periodic employee appraisal system – how to prepare an employee appraisal program?

Periodic employee appraisal system (SOOP) performs the function of periodic assessment of employees’ work results, but also setting development plans and goals to be achieved for employees, which are directly related to the mission and strategic goals of the company.

It is a formal and comprehensive system by assessing both the skills and behaviors that the employee displays during work. A clearly defined evaluation policy will make it possible to objectively assess employees’ competences and provide constructive feedback and eliminate negative attitudes.

A properly prepared periodic appraisal system brings many benefits, and when properly communicated, it can support the building of organizational culture and awareness among employees.

What are the benefits of implementing SOOP?

For organizations, these will undoubtedly be:

  • increase in work
  • efficiency
  • transparency in the supervisor-employee relationship
  • objective decision-making regarding promotions and salary increases
  • increase in employee satisfaction
  • increasing the employee’s identification with the company
  • using the employee’s potential in accordance with the company’s business needs
  • diagnosis of training needs that will translate into the company’s success

In addition, employees expect regular feedback on their evaluation and achievement of goals, which translates into their motivation to work and commitment. Providing feedback on the work performed allows you to correct non-conformities and reduce the risk of making the same mistakes. Building awareness of attitudes will allow employees to develop their competences more efficiently.

How to design a system of periodic employee appraisal?

In order for the system to be effective and fulfill its functions, it must be prepared with the utmost care. Each understatement in creating the rules and procedures of the evaluation system may have long-term consequences, such as: divergent assessment methods.

Designing a system of periodic employee appraisal may take place in 6 stages:

  • Define the goal of the project and analyze the current state
  • Define the model of the periodic assessment
  • Identify key competences
  • Description of competences for the selected scale
  • Development of assessment tools and pilot
  • Development of a communication policy and employee training

Interactive forms can be used to carry out periodic assessments or modern IT systems and applications supporting HR processes can be used.

The SkillBox Competence Matrix system has a built-in SOOP module, thanks to which it is possible to open periodic assessment programs at specified time intervals. Parameterization of the program allows you to create an acceptance path and enable employees to self-evaluate and define goals to be achieved by employees. In addition, SOOP is supported by the employee event recording module, which allows you to record both positive and negative employee behavior on an ongoing basis. The ability to register behavior supports making assessments and providing feedback to employees, avoiding the pitfalls during evaluation interviews, such as freshness effect. The whole is supported by e-mail notifications, which are a reminder for employees and superiors about the need to evaluate and close the program.

Use the 21-day DEMO version and check the Periodic Assessment System module!

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