How to support implementation of KPI?

KPIs allow you to quickly make decisions, react to emerging problems or plan activities aimed at maintaining, developing and the future of the company.

The identification of key business indicators in an organization is a complex and multi-element process.

The basic step is to set the organization’s business goals, resulting from the company’s business strategy and its needs.

The indicators can be the basis for the analysis of the company’s operations, its development, the development of its employees or the effectiveness of actions taken.

Indicators can be divided into several classifications – those that are determined for direct, result, efficiency, dynamic and ranking purposes.

In order to achieve all the goals that we will measure with KPIs, human resources in the organization are of key importance. Without competent, trained and specialized employees, we will not achieve our sales, production and logistics goals. However, the need for their development should result from the business needs of the organization.

If a company receives a project that requires the improvement of employees’ competences in a given area, the SkillBox Competence Matrix will be helpful, thanks to which the company will plan an increase in competences on the given skills within a specified time, while enabling the launch of internal training to fully support the process of raising or acquiring the desired competences .

How does the Competence Matrix support the implementation of KPIs in the organization?

Possibility of planning goals in relation to the expected number of people at a given level of activity mastery
Defining deadlines for achieving the set goals
Reporting of divergence of set goals
Possibility to select specific employees to achieve goals
Launching internal training in the system, to which employees can report themselves

A properly developed team of employees will allow you to achieve the set goals, while meeting the company’s business needs.

Take advantage of the 21-day DEMO version and check how SkillBox supports employee management!

You can also use the Skills Matrix template, thanks to which you will systematize the competences of your employees!

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