Ongoing feedback for an employee

The work of people managing human capital consists of many responsibilities. In addition to delegating tasks and supervising subordinate employees, superiors and managers face, among others, challenges related to the implementation of the company’s business strategies.

Depending on the area of ​​management, the number of subordinate employees may be different, as well as the number of responsibilities and tasks of the management. So, in the maze of everyday tasks, how to ensure that the employee is provided with up-to-date information?

According to the Growth Divide survey, 61% of employees surveyed believe that the process of evaluating performance is outdated, 22% believe that the process is too general, 6% of respondents say it is too rare and 62% say that it is often incomplete. 70% of companies admitted that they conduct a performance review on an annual or semi-annual basis. 94% of surveyed office professionals would like their supervisor to deal with errors and development opportunities in real time. As you can see, the need for more frequent feedback is huge. Periodic employee appraisal systems are the basis in human resource management, but more and more employees expect feedback faster.

What are the benefits of providing ongoing feedback to the employee?

  • increase in commitment and belonging to the individual
  • improvement of communication between the employee and the supervisor
  • less risk of falling into the classic traps of appraisal interviews (e.g. freshness or dilution effect
  • ongoing verification of work progress and implementation of the development path
    faster reaction to mistakes made by employees


A good opportunity to conduct shorter but more frequent employee interviews are, among other things, the ending of settlement periods, in which you can summarize the previous month. The monthly assessments and the status of the plans’ implementation can form the basis for the periodic assessment, which takes place, for example, every six months or once a year. An objective basis for periodic employee evaluation is then created.

What is worth remembering during employee interviews?

  • facts and specific events as the basis of the conversation
  • the right place and time
  • active listening, paraphrasing
  • maintaining the purpose of the conversation


The SkillBox Competence Matrix supports processes related to employee evaluation and the implementation of development paths. The competency assessment module will allow for the ongoing assessment of employees, enabling the recording of specific facts and events, and the module of development planning and competency profiles will allow you to comprehensively plan the employee’s development path and supervise their implementation. The possibility of defining a behavioral scale will also allow the assessment of soft skills of employees. The built-in employee periodic appraisal system supports the process of periodic employee appraisal, which, combined with the report module, will collect relevant data necessary to prepare the supervisor for the appraisal interview.

Take advantage of the 21-day DEMO version and check how SkillBox supports employee management!


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