How to comprehensively plan employee development?

Raising qualifications by employees is a key element of human resource management in an organization. The development of human resources directly affects the quality of work, which results, among others, in numerous improvements in production processes or greater work efficiency. The ability of employees to broaden their horizons also translates into their commitment to the work they perform and makes them feel important to the unit in which they work. Each employee has different predispositions, qualifications and competences. How to comprehensively plan the development of employees so that it is in line with the business needs of the company and takes into account the employee’s individual development plan?

The first step is to identify the company’s business and strategic needs and analyze the resources at hand. During identification, three key questions are asked: what skills are expected of employees, at what level, and how many employees are needed to achieve the business goal. In addition to the questions given, the budget that is defined or needs to be developed also plays a key role. The analysis of resources in the unit can be made using the SkillBox Competence Matrix, which contains information about the competences of employees, thanks to the list of all employees and all skills. With up-to-date information on employee appraisals, you can quickly identify the gap between your current human resource picture and your needs.

In the next step, it is determined how the employees necessary to achieve the goal will be recruited: on the basis of external or internal recruitment? Both for the first model of hiring employees and the second model, the competence matrix will be helpful, in which we will find information about specific skills performed in specific areas, as well as on specific machines. The combination of skills and the required level of competence will allow you to create recruitment requirements.

Regardless of the employee’s employment model, it may be necessary to plan development. The SkillBox system allows you to create development paths tailored to the business needs and individual interests of employees. The Employee Profiles function will allow the employee to define development directions that include skill sets to be mastered, and the development planning module supports the individual interests of the employee and the sudden needs of the company. The whole is supported by setting dates for raising competencies to individual levels of assessment, thanks to which the application provides comprehensive development in terms of creating development paths. The Profiles module also allows you to simulate the image of employees in relation to e.g. positions, thanks to which the image of the employee potential is presented.

The application allows you to connect the necessary training or qualifications to the matrix elements, and, among others, substantive materials for work in an area or on a specific skill. When planning the development of employees, it is extremely helpful, because the system communicates about missing qualifications of employees during the implementation of the development plan and allows you to generate alerts containing materials necessary to perform skills, e.g. documentation or instructions. SkillBox records the employee’s familiarization with the materials, and employees who have access to the system can view the materials at any time.

Take advantage of the 21-day DEMO version and check how SkillBox supports employee management!

You can also use the Skills Matrix template, thanks to which you will systematize the competences of your employees!

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