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Digitization of HR departments is associated with a change in the analogous approach to strategic human resource management for the benefit of digitization of processes. IT solutions are to support and automate HR-related processes. The aim of the systems and applications is to optimize working time and collect the necessary data related to employees along with the history of changes in order to more effectively carry out, among others, business analyzes.

What HR tools prove to be useful?

The list of areas where programs are becoming useful is vast. It starts with applications that facilitate the organization of work and ends with psychometric tests. In addition, the IT market offers programs for conducting surveys, arranging meetings, preselecting candidates and automating job interviews. Today, however, we will focus on four separate issues.


With the dynamic development of the labor market and new generations, modern HR must focus on the psychology of young candidates, because there are more and more of them on the labor market. We are talking about the generation of the so-called millennials, i.e. people born between 1980 and 2000. The younger ones used their smartphones almost from birth, while the older ones had computer games at hand.

They were the model for the first HR program of this type. The candidate must complete certain tasks within a defined period of time. Everything is prepared in an accessible form, so as to reach a wide and demanding audience.

Games-like programs also fulfill their functions in the areas related to on-boarding and talent management.

Rationalizing point programs

In the minds of employees there are countless ideas for improving processes in the organization. They face challenges in the work performed in specific positions or in specific areas. They often don’t present their ideas for fear of being rejected. A rationalizing credit program will allow employees to submit improvement requests, which are anonymous during verification and evaluation, thus eliminating the risk of falling into the popular traps during evaluation.

Employee portals

Employee portals are internal platforms, compatible with HR and payroll systems operating in enterprises. They support the employee’s communication with various areas in the company by submitting, among others, vacation applications or business travel orders. The employee has the option of, inter alia, verification of vacation limits, as well as sending a request to change personal data. Managers in employee portals can make vacation plans or accept applications submitted by employees. At a time when city offices or government institutions offer citizens to submit applications through online platforms, the implementation of the employee portal is an undoubted advantage from the point of view of employer branding.

Competency management tools

One of the key processes in human resource management is the assessment of employee competencies. Without appropriate tools, it may turn out that information on employees’ competences will be outdated or biased. In managing employee competencies, tools such as a competency matrix and a system of periodic employee appraisals will prove helpful. The key to success when assessing employees are reliable data, i.e. facts and events that influenced the assessment. Dedicated HR tools as well as carefully prepared appraisal forms are used to assess employee competencies.

Our offer includes all the above-mentioned tools and systems. Check what are the benefits of implementing HR tools that optimize key processes related to human capital management:

RPP – Racjonalizatorski Program Punktowy
Portal pracownika / kierownika
SkillBox – Matryca Kompetencji 

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