Challenges of OSH in document and human resources management

Work safety in the company is crucial both for the proper functioning of the organization and the employee himself. The appropriate level of activities will help to protect employees and maintain the safety of working conditions.

Many companies create a dedicated position for a supervisor in the field of Occupational Health and Safety. The task of OHS inspectors is, among others, the development and management of documentation related to the provisions and rules of occupational health and safety in the company, as well as conducting health and safety training for new and current employees, as well as keeping records and completing documents related to work safety.

Both the employee, the inspector and the employer are obliged to comply with the health and safety rules in the company. Moreover, the employer is obliged to ensure safe and hygienic working conditions by conducting regular audits, and the inspector is obliged to supervise the safety of work and employees, and to supervise medical examinations and health and safety at work of employees.

The health and safety inspector is also responsible for supervising the technical conditions of the premises and for providing comprehensive data on occupational health and safety, including, among others, reports on training in the field of health and safety and fire protection for employees, or providing up-to-date instructions for the safe operation of machinery and equipment in the organization. . Each of the tasks that are the responsibility of the OHS inspector is crucial for the proper running of the company.

How to support the functioning of health and safety departments in the maze of responsible duties?

The work of health and safety inspectors can be divided into obligations related to the technical aspects of running an enterprise and obligations related to the safety of employees. Introducing work safety procedures or instructions to the company may be one of the basic tasks in this position. In addition, supervision over the timeliness of occupational health and safety training or medical examinations of employees in the company causes the need to supervise and update the register of documents, as well as the need to control the dates of mandatory qualifications of employees may constitute the obligations of persons supervising occupational health and safety.

Paying attention to the needs resulting from the provisions of occupational health and safety regulations may contribute to reducing the damage resulting from ignorance, neglect or attempts to not comply with occupational health and safety regulations.

In order to optimize and automate the processes related to the circulation of documents in the company, the Competence Matrix has a module of alerts and documents. The module allows you to enter into the system documents that employees are required to read. In addition, the platform allows you to connect the document with a selected element on the matrix (e.g. a classification that groups skills in the context of the position), thanks to which the system will notify the assessed employees about the need to read the document by generating an alert. The flexibility of the system also allows adding employees to the group of alert recipients, so that the notification can be carried out independently. SkillBox collects information about when the employee got acquainted with the document, and the reports module will indicate the indicators of alert implementation. Using the mailing module, the system will warn the people managing alerts and documents that the employee has not yet confirmed that he or she has read the alert or document or about the upcoming review date.

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You can also use the Skills Matrix template, thanks to which you will systematize the competences of your employees!

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