Employment optimization – how to do it?

Experienced, motivated people who want to start their career in a new place have arrived on the labor market – not necessarily of their own choice. We imagine that employers more and more often face the most difficult challenge – optimization of employment.

We know that the optimization process is complex and multi-stage, so we will show you how to support these difficult HR decisions by collecting objective information about the human capital in your company.

We have selected 4 questions for you that should be answered when preparing for employment optimization.

  • What are the processes in my company / department?
  • Analyze the areas and define what elements they consist of.
  • What skills secure individual operations in the process?


Determine the skills required to ensure the functioning of the unit in each area. You can assign weights to each skill, thanks to which you can determine the level of complexity of a given activity. By defining weights for skills, you will get a weighted size of the grades obtained by employees. This, compared to the number of points, will determine who can perform the more difficult skills.

  • What are the levels of mastery of the defined skills?


Create a grading scale to identify skill levels.

Which employees will secure the process?

Pre-defined areas, processes and skills will allow you to create a balance of human resources. The supplemented information on the level of mastery of these skills by your employees will support you in making decisions related to, among others, deregulation.

To support you, we provide a free sheet in which you will find the Competence Matrix template and define all the above-mentioned elements and complete the assessments of your employees.

Free Competence Matrix in a spreadsheet!

Demo version available for 21 days – check our system!

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