Excel yes, but…

According to the study “Tool controlling zone in Poland”, the Excel spreadsheet is still the dominant tool in such areas as: financial analysis (82%), budgeting (85%) and reporting (77%).

Depending on the needs, Excel’s sufficiency is at the level of 3-50%. Practice shows that Excel is a tool that meets the expectations with a not too complex structure of the company or one-job work. The most limitations resulting from the use of spreadsheets appear in areas such as employee rights control, reporting automation, working with multiple versions of a document, working in real time and downloading data from IT systems. Additionally, when introducing a spreadsheet as the basic tool of analytical work, competencies related to the handling of spreadsheets and knowledge of procedures related to the protection of the company’s personal data play a key role.

The SkillBox Competence Matrix addresses organizational challenges in the above-mentioned areas. The intuitive user interface, restriction of permissions, reports related to data from IT systems, as well as the possibility of improving document flow are just a few additional benefits resulting from the system’s functionality. SkillBox is a tool for working in many areas at the same time, the main function of which is to improve the work of managers, HR departments or OHS employees. The SkillBox Competence Matrix supports the development of the company, assessment of employees’ skills, construction and implementation of development plans, and supports the identification of employees
for secondment or replacement.

It is difficult to part with such an important tool as useful spreadsheets, but an additional challenge nowadays is the flow of information that is not adequately secured and can expose the company to high costs. Working with the SkillBox Competency Matrix reduces the data flow. The application stores data in one place, and access to them is done by logging into the system.

We know that changes are a long and demanding process, which is why the main view of the matrix is ​​a representation of matrices that are created in spreadsheets. Check how easy it is to optimize processes in your company with the demo version of the system.

Take advantage of the 21-day DEMO version and check how SkillBox supports employee management!

You can also use the Skills Matrix template, thanks to which you will systematize the competences of your employees!

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