The crisis has come and now what?

Companies are starting to feel the situation related to the epidemic currently prevailing around the world. The civilization and economic crisis causes a feeling of destabilization in companies. Employees are often forced to stay at home to look after the children, because the epidemiological threat forced the state authorities to decide to close educational institutions. Some employees are subject to compulsory quarantine due to suspicion of infection. On the other hand, people managing human resources are now facing challenges that will allow to maintain the continuity of processes despite the difficult situation.

In every company there is an employee and even employees who are irreplaceable. Specialists in their areas, experts who can transfer knowledge to new employees. How do we know their skills are irreplaceable? Are these competences reliably assessed or just our belief that “Nowak is irreplaceable” because he is cultured, cordial and performs his duties well? How do we know what activities Nowak performs on a daily basis in his position? Is the statement that an employee is irreplaceable our inner conviction or a statement of fact?

One of the many challenges in human resource management and business management is to define the skills that we expect from employees in particular positions, in specific areas, in the context of individual machines or devices. Not every company determines the scope of duties of its employees, and assigning a position to an employee does not have to prove the tasks performed by him. If we do not have the defined skills that we expect from an employee, how will we identify the opportunities related to replacing that employee?

The SkillBox Competence Matrix will provide information on skills in specific areas. The ability to freely define the classification on the Matrix allows you to group skills so that, for example, the position of a machine operator takes into account all the machines available in the company. So if we employ 100 machine operators and have 5 machines, we will precisely define the detailed tasks that each of them performs in this area.

Nowak is a specialist because he does not make mistakes and achieves excellent performance! What proves the title of a specialist in this case? Work experience, number of mistakes made during work, achievement of the expected level of effectiveness, substantive knowledge, practical experience, or maybe all at the same time? How can we be sure that the other Nowak is not one of our employees? The competency assessment module in SkillBox allows you to flexibly manage the assessment scale in Competency Matrices. The description that accompanies the assessment symbol will explain what conditions must be met in order to obtain a given level of competence.

The current situation related to the civilization and economic crisis is only one of the situations during which we will have to find a replacement. Insofar as in a situation where an employee terminates an employment contract, during the notice period, we are able to determine what competencies we need, conduct internal or external recruitment, acquire an employee and implement him during the presence of Nowak, in the present case, when the employee overnight the day must temporarily leave the workplace or during the sudden departure of the employee from the company, we do not have time to carry out such a process. How to select a replacement from among employees? SkillBox The Competence Matrix is ​​primarily a graphic representation of the skills acquired by employees. At the intersection of skills and employees, competencies are assessed according to a defined rating scale. Each of the grades is saved in the history along with the date of issuing the grade and the information who made the grade. Summaries available from the main view of the matrix will provide analytical data through zooms, thanks to which we will check what competencies an employee has in the context of individual assessments, without the need to delve into the reports.

After the replacement, the assignment in the organizational structure may change for an employee who will replace another employee. When running competency matrices in shared spreadsheets, there is a risk of entering data by different people, which makes it impossible to access information about who and when gave the assessment to the employee. SkillBox supports comprehensive processes related to substitutions and delegation. When establishing, for example, a replacement, an appropriate supervisor and an organizational unit are assigned to an employee, thanks to which the supervisor sees this employee in the Competence Matrix, having the opportunity to make assessments or take actions related to this employee. The history of assessments, which is collected at the employee’s side, will also take into account the assessments made during the substitution, thanks to which the competences are updated on a regular basis.

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