Analysis of training needs as a foundation for a successful training process

The development of employees in the company is important from the point of view of the organization and the employee himself. Qualified and experienced staff is a valuable capital for the organization, it can also be a source of competitive advantage for the company.

Proper implementation of the process should begin with the analysis of training needs. This analysis should result from the business needs of the organization. The key to success when planning training courses is that meeting this need is consistent with the interests of employees who will use the knowledge acquired during the training at work. Therefore, it is worth considering the possibility of direct reporting of employees for training, and not only delegating them by the supervisor. This essentially increases the intrinsic motivation of the employee, which is the most desirable from the point of view of the theory of motivation. The added value of the training in the above-mentioned way is also building a positive image of the company on the labor market, the so-called employer branding. The training need may also result from competency gaps.
In such a case, it is worth for the supervisor together with the employee to agree on the form of its elimination, e.g. in the training process.

In order to optimize HR processes, we have created the Skillbox Competence Matrix system, which will define competency gaps in individual areas, thanks to a transparent and intuitive graphic presentation of skills and assessments. The extensive report module allows you to easily and quickly define competency gaps in the organization.


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