Human Resource Management – what is HRM?

The dynamic labor market and the competitiveness of companies generate the need for constant development of the company. One of the ways to deal with this situation is conscious human resource management. What is HRM?

The term HRM evokes different feelings. Human resource management does not mean that the resource is people, but their knowledge and skills. They influence the goodwill of the company. The right strategy and management methods make employees the capital of the organization.

What is the essence of HRM?

The essence of human resource management can be defined as striving to improve or maintain the effectiveness of the workforce. HRM defines, inter alia, goals that the organization should set for itself.

In addition to the aforementioned knowledge and skills, human resources also include the experience and attitudes of employees. The latter say, for example, about the commitment of the employee. Depending on the nature of the business, the key will be hard or soft skills, but it is worth ensuring that employees have the appropriate skills in each area.

How to manage human resources?

Human resource management models are divided in terms of the main aspects that we should consider in terms of the company. There is no universal way, so it is necessary to analyze the strategy and structure of the company to adapt to the appropriate models.

However, it is worth taking advantage of the support offered by the SkillBox Competence Matrix.

The system we have created allows you to discover the capital of human resources. The assessment module in conjunction with the competency weights allows you to clearly define the weighted value of an employee and their total score. The weighted value of an employee is the sum of the products of the weight of competencies and the employee’s rating, while the sum of points is the sum of all employee’s ratings. The comparison of these two values ​​allows to determine the level of complexity of the employee’s skills, e.g. complex skills (weight 4) or basic skills (weight 1). The human resources balance available in the reports module allows you to delve into the skills possessed by employees and check what development paths are planned for the employee. In addition, the periodic assessment module allows you to assess employees’ attitudes using a behavioral scale.

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