Objective downsizing process

The situation in which the company faces a crisis forces the need to reduce personnel costs, and thus optimize the employee team. The issue of redundancies is always difficult. Depending on the size of human resources in the organization or the size of employee teams, the problem may be the reduction of several dozen employees and one team member.

Questions arise who is the least productive, who has developed the least or not at all, who has the least competences, who is the least valuable for the organization? We can rely on intuition, experiences related to the course of employment or the supervisor’s opinion, but all these aspects may not be sufficient to make an objective decision.

The Competence Matrix is ​​a tool that clearly presents employee competencies along with their assessment or development progress through employee potential reports. It clearly and comprehensively presents the weighted value of competences of each employee, which proves his rank from the point of complexity of activities, which in turn helps distinguish the most valuable employees in the company and define the weakest links on the basis of reliable data. All these functionalities of the Competence Matrix reflect the real human resources of the organization, and thus the recruitment process takes place in an emotional-free atmosphere, based on authentic data, thus minimizing the risk of dismissing the wrong person


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