Plan a development path with a Competency Matrix

Planning employee development paths is a key process in managing employee competences. The purpose of planning development paths is to meet the needs of the organization in such a way that they meet the expectations of both the employee and the company, in accordance with the company’s development plan and its strategy.

Accurate and appropriate development of a development plan brings benefits in the form of higher qualifications of employees and their greater satisfaction with the work performed, which translates into increased effectiveness and efficiency, giving the organization better results.

Another benefit of defining development paths is direct impact on employees’ motivation to raise qualifications and expand their knowledge. This is especially important for employees of the Y and Z generations, where one of the main motivators is the will to personal development. Employees expect their employer to determine what competences will be developed, what is the planned promotion path for a given position.

The Competence Matrix is ​​a modern and intuitive tool for managing professional competences, which has the function of development planning for individual employees or entire employee groups.

The system allows you to plan the development of employees by predicting the time and degree of mastering a given skill and it verifies whether the employee has obtained the desired competences. In addition, the system allows you to plan what competencies an employee should develop in order to be promoted to a given position.

Competency management is supported by automatic e-mail notifications that inform superiors about the ending dates of planned development and the need to take action in the system.

The Competence Matrix ensures ordering the process of managing employee development, which translates into greater efficiency of the process itself and time savings of people involved in the process. Having access to the system, the employee can monitor his development plans and the degree of their implementation on an ongoing basis.

Free demo version of the SkillBox Competence Matrix!

You can also use the Skills Matrix template, thanks to which you will systematize the competences of your employees!

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