Succession – why is it so important?

Succession in a company is the process of handing over key positions in the event of planned, but also sudden departure of an employee from the company, e.g. due to retirement or for random reasons. The succession process, like any other activity, should be well planned, because inadequate preparation may be destructive for the future of the organization.

Let us imagine a situation in which the chief director of one of the branches, for independent reasons, is immediately forced to leave his position and go abroad, thus terminating the cooperation with the company. He is a decision-making person responsible for the achievements of the entire department, with extensive experience and work experience in the company, and knows the organizational structure and strategic goals of the company perfectly. The urgent situation makes it necessary to select a successor or to conduct the recruitment process for the position. Therefore, it is worth ensuring that the process of succession is properly prepared in advance.

Choosing the right successor is one of the key decisions for the future of the company. An employee taking up a new position should not only be predisposed to acquire the duties of a supervisor, but also be ready and committed to take on a new role. We can verify the readiness to accept a higher position using tools such as assessment center or development center, while we must be sure about having skills and competences. It is worth ensuring that you start the succession process early enough.

In the process of succession, Nestor, the person handing over his position, should ensure the proper implementation of the successor, both in its tasks and in the organizational structure of its team. It is important that the goals for the successor are set and accounted for on a regular basis. This will allow you to analyze the progress of the implemented person’s development goals and ensure that all key competences are transferred.

Thanks to the ongoing assessment of employees’ competences and reports contained in the system, SkillBox supports processes related to succession. The visualization of skills performed in specific areas or at specific positions together with the employee potential report will allow you to quickly select optimal replacements. Comprehensive implementation of development paths will allow you to clearly define areas for development within the prescribed period.

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