What is a competency matrix

What is a Competency Matrix?

The greatest capital in the organization is human capital. Employees, thanks to their competences and knowledge, bring measurable benefits to the company. Competent staff allows you to achieve the intended goals and affects the development of the company. Human capital management is one of the key elements of organizational management. Its measurements are based on, inter alia, quantitative and qualitative indicators. How, in turn, to define the values ​​of individual units, i.e. employees?

The SkillBox Competence Matrix is ​​a modern and intuitive system that allows you to assess employee competences throughout the company.

The main matrix view is a representation of traditional matrices kept in Excel spreadsheets. The matrix has a set of activities pinned to it, arranged according to defined classifications. Classifications on the matrix can be used to organize activities according to organizational units, areas, positions or specific machines on which the skills are performed. Thanks to this solution, the Competence Matrix will clearly present development opportunities for specific positions and present a set of all competences and assessments within individual classifications.

The Basic Matrix view will also provide analytical data. The summaries on the right and at the bottom of the table allow for full analysis in the context of specific activities and employees. Zooms, i.e. entering the details of totals in summaries, present their components, thanks to which the analysis is even more detailed. Based on the data included in the summaries, we can define competency gaps in individual areas and compare the results of employees, as evidenced by the weighted values.

The weighted quantity in the Competence Matrix is ​​the product of the weight of competences and the assessment. The importance of competences indicates the degree of complexity in performing a given skill. Scales allow you to distinguish, for example:

1 – basic activities, the period of learning to achieve independence in performing may be 1 month,
2 – intermediate activities, the learning period of which may be up to 3 months
3 – advanced activities, the learning period of which may be up to 3 months
4 – key activities, where the learning period may exceed 6 months

The Competence Matrix allows you to create any evaluation scales, without limiting the number of scale elements. The most popular are 4-level scales, in which the levels of mastery of activities are distinguished, and 0-1, where the lack of competences is defined as the 0 mark and the possession of competences as the 1 mark. different degrees:

1 – employee during training
2 – the employee performs basic tasks
3 – the employee works independently
4 – expert on a given activity

The system stores the history of issued grades, thanks to which the entire path of the employee’s progress and regression in the context of specific skills is visible.

With the Competence Matrix, it is possible to define employee development paths thanks to the development planning module. The module allows you to determine the dynamics of the growth of competences over time.

The extensive report module in the system allows for detailed data analysis in the context of the collected skills or employees, and even through the prism of the grades issued. The system offers 4 basic reports which include:

Skills Balance – overview of all totals collected for all skills in each matrix.
Balance of Human Resources – analyzes the sums of employees collected from all matrices.
Implementation of development plans – discrepancies between planned and implemented development plans.
Competency Acquisition Simulator – a report showing the average number of days of acquiring a higher level of competency through the prism of an activity or an employee.

The SkillBox Competency Matrix system supports HR processes both in large companies, whose extensive personnel structures require special ordering, and in smaller ones, in which you will take care of your company’s development.

Make an appointment for a system presentation and test the SkillBox Competence Matrix for 21 days without any obligations!

Download the free Competence Matrix template in Excel!

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