Implementation project suitable for your company

We implement the SkillBox system according to the technological and design possibilities of the client

We will adjust both the system and the environment as well as the implementation process to individual needs


The SaaS model provides the application in our technological infrastructure.

Access to the application is possible by purchasing a subscription for a specified period of time.


The On-Premise model is a model for implementing the application in the client’s environment and infrastructure.In this implementation model, we personalize the application to the needs of the organization and integrate SkillBox with the existing HR and Payroll system.

The system is transferred as a form of a perpetual license.


It is possible to combine the SaaS and On-Premise models on the basis of leasing our IT infrastructure and adapting it at the same time.

We implement the design method

We divide the implementation into stages to efficiently deliver our solutions

During the implementation, we provide support in launching and configuring the tool.
An experienced and professional consulting team is also available, which supports in the area of ​​building and developing Skill Matrices and other elements of the system.


Pre-implementation analysis  

Analysis of the current state, i.e. the analysis of business processes and defining business requirements.

At this stage, we define the technical assumptions for the installation of the system and the assumptions for integration with the client’s HR and payroll system.


Consulting works 

We offer consulting support in the development and construction of Skill Matrices and assumptions for other modules of the system.

We operate using workshop methodology – we appoint a project team with which we work on assumptions for individual system modules.



The stage includes installation of the application and integration with the HR and payroll system.

If new functionalities were defined during the pre-implementation analysis, we implement them together with the installation.



After the installation of the solution, we provide the application for testing by designated end users.

We stabilize the operation of the system, train administrators and users, and make the last personalizations.


Post-implementation support 

After the implementation as part of the maintenance service, we work with the client on the development of the tool for the company’s business needs.

There is also a technical team at your disposal to update the app on a regular basis.

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