One system - many possibilities

Modules and functionalities with which you can comprehensively manage human capital

Skills, competencies, qualifications of employees in one tool. Check out the SkillBox capabilities of the Competency Matrix.

The Skills Matrix allows you to visually manage information about the skills of the subordinate team or through the prism of the entire organization.

  • quick, objective and reliable assesment of employees skills

  • comprehensive employee development planning

  • full history of employee skills evaluation

  • defining and supervising the implementation of employee skill profiles

  • any number of matrices and flexibility of their management

  • summary of employee potential and skills

  • support by mailing about the necessity to take action

A properly parameterized Skill Matrix will provide information about any competence gaps and overgrowths in the areas.
the information gathered thanks to the systematic assessment of employees’ skills will help to make personnel decisions more efficiently.


Qualification Matrices allows to supervise the timeliness of employees’ authorizations, training courses and health check ups.

  • registering and supervising dates of employee qualifications

  • entering additional information about employee qualifications (e.g. certificate / egzamination number)

  • defining qualification profiles for job positions, areas

  • matching qualifications with skills and verifying qualifications to perform skills during assessment

  • support by mailing about the ending dates of employee qualifications

Qualification Matrices allow you to quickly analyze training needs in the field of employee qualifications.

Periodic Evaluation System allows to examine employees’ soft skills as well as to set and verify the implementation of strategic, business and development goals.


  • library of 17 key competences and 76 indicators available in the system

  • testing the potential and competencies of employees as well as setting goals and planning their development training

  • planning interim meetings to verify the implementation of the planned plans

  • support by registering positive and negative events

  • defining competency profiles for specific employee groups with the determination of the required levels

  • flexible adaptation of assessment programs for employee groups

  • an extensive data analysis module in the form of a Competence Matrix and reports

  • support via mailings about, among others the need to make assessments, surveys acceptance

Employees soft skills may turn out to be necessary in order to achieve maximum results of the work performed. A properly parameterized periodic appraisal program will allow employees and the organization to develop in the desired direction.

Alerts and documents will help to keep the information in the company up-to-date and will support communication with employees.

  • document management through updating and versioning

  • providing selected documents to employees and supervising the status of reading the document by employees

  • associating documents with the skills and elements of the Matrix

  • sharing alerts witn employees with an indication of the date to read the message

Document management system based on updating and versioning of files. System messages for the entire company or selected employee groups.

Determining the minimum staffing levels in order to implement KPIs in the organization.

  • the abilitity to determine the minimum number of employees within the keys competences at a specific appraisal level

  • Warning and notification system on the level of development goals implementation related to the minimum staffing

Meeting the organization key needs inn terms of staffing.

Support in communikation with an employee thanks to My SkillBox module.            Current feedback abut skills, competencies and qualifications.


  • current information about skills, competencies and dates of qualifications and development plans

  • proposing assessments by employees

  • filling in periodic evaluation questionnaires in the system

Access to the panel supports employees in their development. Clearly defined development paths allow employees to implement their development plans in a timely manner.

Reports support making personnel decisions based on reliable and up-to-date data.

  • Balance of Human Resources it is a comprehensive list of employees basen on their skills

  • Skills Balance – summary of the skills in the Matrix with information on the number of assessed employees

  • Development plans – analysis of the realisation of employee developmpent plans

  • Periods of acquiring skills – the average time an employee grows to a higher level of skill assessment

  • Skill Profile Fulfillment – Summary of employee skill profile fulfillment in percent

  • Qualification terms – analysis of employee qualification terms

  • Training needs (SOOP) – a list of training needs resulting from the periodic assessment of employees

  • Internal recruitment (SOOP) – a list of employees designated for transfer / promotion / conditional maintenance

  • Personnel simulations (SOOP) – testing the predisposition to take a new position

Qualitative and quantitative analyzes based on employee assessments and competences. Simulations of personnel decisions, competency gaps and excesses, training needs – a complete Balance of Human Capital.

The administration module will allow you to adjust the tool to the individual needs of the organization.

  • management of employees and their data as well as management of the organizational structure
  • flexible configuration and management of Skill Matrices (grading scales, levels and Matrix elements)
  • a global skill list for the entire organization with the ability to reuse skills and identify
  • defining skill profiles with parameterization of the desired levels
  • configuring periodic appraisal programs for specific employee groups with defining the roles and paths of the program as well as program elements
  • management of employee qualification groups and their additional values
  • parameterization of the system operation, system roles, e-mail notifications and system task schedules

Configuration of system elements, parameterization of the system operation and definition of system roles on the administrator’s side.

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