Competency profiles – who does the company need?

Managing employee competencies is one of the key processes related to human resource management in an organization. Especially nowadays, where, on the one hand, we have a deficit of certain skills and, on the other hand, a rather unstable situation on the labor market.

Increasingly, companies already have a kind of balance sheet of human resources, keeping matrices of skills and competences, both in the form of spreadsheets and in the form of a system. In order for the balance sheet to be complete, it is necessary to define competency profiles for individual groups of positions, positions or people. A competency profile is a set of all competences – both in terms of hard skills and soft competences that are necessary at a given job position. The competencies should be assigned the expected levels of mastery of the skills.

What are competency profiles in the organization used for?

Competency profiles may turn out to be necessary to define both gaps and excesses of competences. Thanks to the distinction of competency gaps, we are able to identify in which areas the employee does not meet the expectations and plan the development for the employee so that it reaches the expected level. The development plan for the employee should be realistic and timed. Identifying competency overgrowths gives the organization the opportunity to manage an employee more effectively, as well as to engage him in projects that do not result directly from his job position. They also indicate the need for promotion, because an employee who significantly exceeds the expected competency profile without the possibility of promotion, will probably look for it in another organization.

Defining competency profiles answers the question of who the organization needs, which, in combination with the competency assessment, will answer the question of what else needs to be done in terms of competences to achieve the target state. It is also worth noting that an employee may have many specific competency profiles, e.g. a basic profile and an additional profile, which will be a replacement profile in the event of employee absenteeism or a development profile for promotion.

With the SkillBox Competency Matrix, it is possible to define competency profiles on the basis of the Skills Matrix and to define levels of competency and skill assessments in a given profile. In addition, the system will support the implementation of profiles for employees and the supervisor will receive information about the progress of implementation. Thanks to the competency profiles, it is also possible to determine the employee potential thanks to the reporting module.

Take advantage of the 21-day DEMO version and check how SkillBox supports employee management!

You can also use the Skills Matrix template, thanks to which you will systematize the competences of your employees!

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